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Serving its customers and clients in China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore even around other different countries, H3bet has provided much ease in form of pure 100% entertainment. H3bet is known around as the only place which is amusing its valuable customers with live streaming of matches, live scores, online casinos, poker and significantly much more. It is though a fact that the services which H3bet is offering to its clients are simply incredible. The thing working behind h3bet is its design which knows how to amuse the customers at their fullest. The main responsibility of h3bet is to amuse and entertain the customers as much as they want. In return to all our services, as a good gesture what we need from our clients is just feedback. Feedback is very important to us and in this way we can simply improve our services and thus can make our customers feel more satisfied and contented. H3bet asks for feedback from its users on Facebook. H3bet has its page on Facebook and all you need is that place your like on the page. H3bet is also giving plenty of smart offers to its clients under Facebook promotion program. On your support towards us, H3bet will top up your account with MYR150 / RMB 200 / SGD $50. How amazing is this that just by placing like a user earns MYR150 / RMB 200 / SGD $50. Another amazing thing about this promotion is that every registered user is eligible for it. There is no rule for enjoying this promotion. Indeed, it is truly incredible that just by liking us on Facebook you earned a pretty amount of MYR150 / RMB 200 / SGD $50. The services of H3bet are available 12/7. The total number of working hours of H3bet is 12. During the working hours, H3bet is responsible for easing its customers to a great degree of ease and perfection.

There are some promo terms required by H3bet for users to enjoy this awesome Facebook promotion. The promo terms are listed below:

  • MYR 300 / RMB 500 / SGD $200 is the minimum amount which is required for the issuance of an account on H3bet.
  • At the time of withdrawal all the bonuses earned must wager 15x times.
  • The players who are playing from China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore are only eligible for Facebook promotion.
  • We are here to welcome all your feedback. Whether it is in form of comments or in some sort of field reports, you can simply leave on our Facebook.
  • In case of any issues, questions or queries, you can simply contact us via email and by all other modes given in “Contact Us” portion.

H3bet has the best services around and H3bet is really entertaining its users the way they want to be entertained. Come and join us today!